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yep, I think you just summed up the quarterlife crisis right there. I guess I am a little biased, but I think I would recommend taking the plunge and moving to a new city and getting a new (different) job before going to grad school and taking on potential six-figure debt, unless you are SURE you want that degree. If you are interested in a job in DC, we should chat because maybe I can help point you in a fee directions? and DC is a fun place for people to plow through their quarterlife crisis. You will be in fabulous company!


Well written. A good read. ::nods::


hey i'm starting a new blog, and i heart you and hope you make it thru your quarterlife crisis. i sure do hope we can manage to get together sometime soon. there's lots of jobs down here in DC/northern VA, i think you should come. i bet you don't even have to go to grad school. what was your college major? look at SAIC.com, they have zillions of jobs in this area in zillions of areas, and they're hiring like crazy. come live near me!!




that was a really funny post! sorry to hear bout your quarter life crisis though. ;)

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