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HAHAHAH...That's why I don't wear hose anymore AT ALL! These is no instance worth all that. :) haha


i refuse to wear pnatyhose they are evil evil creatures. although this coming form the girl that also protests bras so mabye i'm not the best judge


I have to wear them for work.

And Nikki, I'm extremely jealous of your bralessness. I'd seriously hurt myself.


So true. I have freakishly, ape-like long first toes and they burst through pantyhose by the end of the day. Then my toes are strangled.

I tried going the upscale Donna Karan kinds but they run just as easy as the cheapos.

This happens to me: I pull them up and my calves are all covered smoothly but then I run out of hose by the time I get to my thighs and then they are all uneven and twisted and STRETCHED WAY OUT.

Conspiracy. Tampons too. They know they "got you" and you have to spend the money.

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